What street riding is meant to be. Stunning acceleration at any RPM, sharp lines and sporty ergonomics transform your daily ride into a thrill. With an aerodynamic riding posture that helps deliver up to 359 km in the city and 180 km on the highway, the Zero S offers the highest range in the Zero lineup.


The all-new Zero SR is the world’s most adaptable motorcycle. Built on the award-winning steel trellis frame and coaxial power pivot chassis that made the SR/F and SR/S the pinnacle of electric motorcycling performance, the SR is powered by the ZF 75-10 motor and is the first model equipped with a ZFORCE 14.4+ kWh power pack. The Cypher III+ Operating System enables the SR to add upgrades that improve torque, speed, Bosch Advanced Motorcycle Stability Control, add turn-by-turn on-dash navigation, and so much more.


The all new ZFORCE 14.4+ lithium-ion battery makes the SR capable of a 227-mile maximum range when combined with available Cypher Store upgrades and the available Power Tank accessory (dealer installed available in spring of 2022). The battery’s industry-leading power and energy density combined with an aluminium heat-sink housing and thermal transfer interface ensure consistent cell cooling and maximum long-term powertrain performance. Key software upgrades available in the Cypher Store will unlock up to 17.3 kWh of battery capacity and the additional 3.6 kWh Power Tank* brings the total available battery capacity to nearly 21 kWh.


The ZF75-10 motor is tuned for the SR to deliver 122 ft-lbs of torque, 73 hp, and 104mph, but when paired with available on-demand upgrades through the Cypher Store, those numbers soar to 140 ft-lbs of torque and 110 hp, effortlessly propelling the SR to a top speed of 124 mph. Pairing Zero’s renowned internal permanent magnet brushless architecture and a passively air-cooled compact design creates class-leading performance and efficiency.


Our scalable Rapid Charge System allows the SR to be configured for different charging levels. The all-new SR comes with 3 kW of charging but that can be increased by 10% with the tap of a finger through purchasing on-demand upgrade in the Cypher Store. The SR also comes with the option to add a Rapid Charge Module as a dealer installed accessory that, when combined with the Cypher Store upgrade, brings total available charging capacity to 9.3 kW and will charge the SR’s 14.4+ kWh battery in just over an hour.


With the latest version of the Cypher operating system, Cypher III+, we introduce the ability to access a series of software upgrades that allow each rider to customize his or her riding experience through the all-new Cypher Store. Improve your charge speed, get turn-by-turn navigation on your dash, or activate Parking Mode that lets you reverse slowly into the perfect spot. Cypher III+ is the only system that allows on-demand performance upgrades, and it’s only available from Zero Motorcycles.


The SR is equipped with Bosch ABS with the option to upgrade to Advance Motorcycle Stability Control in the Cypher Store with the Performance Boost upgrade. The Bosch MSC System, renowned for dynamic acceleration and improved stability regardless of road surface or conditions. With MSC the full performance capabilities are unleashed, resulting in best-in-class straight-line ABS and cornering brake control, traction control and drag torque control.


156 miles (251 km)
Highway, 70 mph (113 km/h)
77 miles (124 km)
103 miles (166 km)
Peak torque
122 ft-lb (166 Nm)
Peak power
74 hp (52 kW) @ 6,255 rpm
Top speed (max)
104 mph (167 km/h)
Max capacity
14.4 kWh
Charge time (standard)
4.5 hours (100% charged) / 4.0 hours (95% charged)
With 0.3kW Cypher Upgrade 
4.1 hours (100% charged) / 3.6 hours (95% charged)
With 6kW Rapid Charger + 0.3kW Cypher Upgrade 
1.8 hours (100% charged) / 1.3 hours (95% charged)
Curb weight
489 lb (222 kg)
Seat height
31.0 in (787 mm)
Power pack warranty*
5 years/unlimited miles

ZERO SR ZF14.4 – £17,290

– Upgrade to Zero’s fiercest power plant, the Zero SR is quick enough to out-accelerate a Porsche 911. It produces 146 Nm of torque and can run at higher sustained top speeds using an enhanced motor and higher amperage motor controller.
Choose the Zero SR for maximum torque, performance and range.



– Power Tank (£3,349)

– Additional 6 KW (£2,949)

– UK Wall Outlet Adapter (£445)

– EVSE Cable (£249)