Zero Motorcycles – Approved Dealer

Zero Motorcycles – Approved Dealer


So after opening the shop just over 2 years ago, this week we have some VERY EXCITING NEWS for you all. Not Your Average Bikes is extremely proud, and excited, to tell you all that we have now been officially appointed as the Zero Motorcycles dealer for Yorkshire 😁

Zero Motorcycles are the world leaders in electric motorcycles. Founded in 2006 in Santa Cruz California, Zero Motorcycles are the longest running electric motorcycle manufacturer in the world. Zero Motorcycles sell more electric motorcycles than ALL the other electric motorcycle manufacturers in the world COMBINED 😲

Not Your Average Bikes will be stocking the full range of Zero Motorcycles, including the all new SR/F model which has a mesmerizing 140 ft-lbs of torque (190Nm) which when you consider the new 2019 BMW S1000RR has 113Nm at 11,000 rpm, means that the SR/F packs a real punch to it. Its even more torque than a Kawasaki H2 (165Nm). And the beauty of electric bikes is that you get 100% of the torque right from the first twist of the throttle all the way through to the top speed (124mph for the SR/F), not just at the peak RPM you get with a petrol motor.

We will have a minimum of 2 demo bikes (one of which will be the new SR/F) and will be inviting you to come throw your leg over one and take it out for a test ride. Until you take one out for a ride, you wont fully understand just how good these bikes 👍

Electric vehicles (cars and motorcycles) are coming, there is no denying it, their numbers are growing year on year. And we are thrilled to say that the best electric motorcycles are coming to Yorkshire with Not Your Average Bikes 👍👍

Further info to follow in the coming weeks.