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Choose from the futuristic TS, the cafe-racer styled TC, the elegant CUX or the blisteringly fast TC Max!

Green has never been so good…

But is an electric motorcycle really a good option for me?

A small capacity electric motorcycle is not going to be for everyone and we understand that. So lets get to the point…… It isn’t suited for touring the country or travelling across Europe. It’s not designed for high speed racing with your mates on a Sunday blast out to the coast. And its not meant for carrying a passenger. But for these types of journeys there are; tourers, sports bikes, and cruisers etc.

But for many of you it will be a perfect match for your needs.
Perfect for those of you who want cheap traffic-beating commuting to work, college, or to see friends and family, where you may not be doing more than 30 to 40 miles in a day. Those who want an environmentally friendly form of transport for local commutes. Those who need to travel in city centres and who want to avoid congestion charges. Those who want to embrace the future of personal transportation. Those who want a lightweight and small bike to keep at the caravan or holiday home or to take with them in their campervan. And perfect for those who don’t want to be involved with general maintenance of running a motorcycle, and who want excellent reliability. For you guys, this is the perfect match.

Customisable Electric

Various customisable options to make your Super Soco match your style

Twist and Go – Easy Ergonomic Ride

No starting, no warm up, just turn the key, take in the outdoor freedom and off you go.

No clutch, no kick starting, no unreliable dirty engine. Just twist the throttle to go and apply powerful front and rear brakes to stop. Rear brake on the left side handlebar lever, and front brake on the right side lever.

Discover the Super Soco range

CUX Ducati Special

Limited Edition
Electric Scooter

Super Soco TS

The Ultimate Urban Commuter

Super Soco TC

Cafe Racer Meets Electric

Super Soco TC Max

The first Super Soco for the highway

SUPER SOCO CU – £2,249
SUPER SOCO TS – £2,449
SUPER SOCO TC – £2,999

All prices are inclusive of OLEV Plug-in Motorcycle Grant

Exclusive of £55 DVLA registration fee and £95 OTR fee