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Why go electric

There are some clear advantages to going electric: no need to visit the fuel station, no oil, no exhaust, etc. In addition, there are a host of benefits experienced by EV owners, elimination of all routine powertrain maintenance and stealthy acceleration. The result is an incredibly exhilarating ride and an ownership experience that appreciates mile after mile.

Start every day with a full “Tank”

Ditch the petrol station. Plug in at night and wake up every morning with a full “tank.” Plug in your motorcycle over night to “fuel” your daily rides.


Electric powertrain significantly reduces CO2 and noxious fumes emissions while also saving oil reserves. Regardless of any one personal or political reason, conserving oil and reducing emissions offer a wide range of benefits. In fact, because the electrical grid is becoming increasingly efficient year after year, an EV will become more energy efficient and cleaner with age. And for those who truly aspire to absolute energy independence or eliminating emissions, it is even possible to power a Zero using completely renewable energy sources. Regardless of where the energy comes from, there’s something very freeing about passing the fuel station as the prices continue to hit new highs.

Range of a full “Tank”

One of the first questions that everyone asks about electric motorcycles is, unsurprisingly, “how far?” Zero Motorcycles offers an entire model line, and each model and variation has a different range. At present, the longest range in the lineup goes to the Zero S and Zero SR ZF14.4 + Power Tank with 359 km in the city. However, there are a number of options with lesser ranges that offer different benefits for those who only want a motorcycle for getting around town or the city.

Artisan Scooters are ideal for those making more frequent smaller trips to and from college or work.

Selecting an electric motorcycle is all about making the best choice for your lifestyle.

Licensing Requirements for Electric Motorcycles

The main licensing difference is that unlike internal combustion engine (ICE, or petrol engine) motorcycles which are rated on max power, electric motorcycles are rated and homologated on continuous power. But with the range of electric bikes we stock here at Not Your Average Bikes, we have something to cater for everyone. From 16 year olds wanting the equivalent of a 50cc bike, 17 year olds wanting a 125cc equivalent, riders on a restricted A2 licence, and then on to the most powerful bikes for full unrestricted licence holders.

Electric motorcycles not only cater for all budgets, but also for all licence types too

Zero Motorcycles

Artisan Scooters